GC-FP18 RT telematic printer


Telematic printer approved for the telematic transmission of payments.

Processor: ARM Cortex M3

Keyboard: 30, 60 keys or ps2 PC keyboard

Printer: Thermal 80mm, roll diameter 90mt, easy loader, auto cutter

Print speed: 300mm / s

Approved for printing invoice on receipt

Display: backlit

Technical features

Connection to PC

Bar string reader, card reader

Modem, scale, printer only, turret, cash barrier

Communication protocol 3i, xon-xoff, esc-pos

5000 PLU in memory with EAN code

80 departments with descriptions up to 24 characters

Header up to 8 lines with 32 characters

10 operators with passwords

8 VAT rates with programmable description


Management features


Windows ethernet connection driver

Internal web server

Customizable lines

Customizable sliding messages on the display

End of month summary invoice

Invoice or receipt management with external printer

Sales analysis

Funded or statistical reports

Accounting transactions: withdrawal, cash reserve, payment, percentage and absolute discount, return, reversal, cancellation

Automatic clock and date

Promotion management

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