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Our company specializes in the production and supply of weighing systems, electronic and mechanical instrumentation for weighing systems, proprietary software for the management and control of plants. Our offer consists of weighbridges for vehicles, weighing platforms, in-line weighing systems, electronic terminals, load cells, supervision software, accessories and wiring.

The LCD srl Metrological Laboratory (SA405) is authorized to carry out periodic checks on non-automatic and automatic weighing instruments, according to current regulations.

Thanks to an assistance network spread throughout the national territory, we can be the ideal partner to collaborate with: we guarantee your company the possibility of always being able to count on precise, reliable and guaranteed systems. Get in touch with us.

Weighing systems: everything you need for weight management.
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ISO 9001:2015
Certification for assistance, calibration, testing and verification of weighing instruments
Certificate of conformity of production requirements of Module D as per Directive 2014/31 /UE-NAWI
OdI SA405
Organismo di Ispezione OdI SA405 authorized to carry out periodic checks on weighing instruments
Fiscal measurers
Authorized company for periodic verification of fiscal meters (provision 28/07/2003)

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